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Advocare by Charlotte Hirst


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My Story...My whole life I've always been the "bigger" girl. As an adult though blaming it on "bigger bones" isn't cutting it anymore. In February 2014, I tried the 24-day challenge after a few months of killing myself at the gym and eating healthy and just not seeing the results I had anticipated. About a week into the challenge I felt AMAZING! 

Months had passed and I was keeping the weight off until a life event happened and things changed. I fell off the regimen and then working out every morning went to every couple of days, till eventually I didn't step foot in the gym! 

January 2015 I felt disgusted with myself and just letting go of everything I had worked so hard to achieve, so I bought another challenge. 
I failed miserably at it because I kept making excuses. Until, I woke up one day and contacted my distributor, signed up to get the wholesale discount, which led to me becoming an advisor and most importantly a COACH!! 

I help others everyday to obtain there goals, Its not easy, if it was America wouldn't be filled with obesity and sick unhealthy people. 
All you can do is worry about yourself and focus on being the best you possible! 

This is where Advocare comes in...

if you are reading this you have already made the decision your ready for ask yourself one question, What's holding you back????

58 Church Street
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

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